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With the multitude of treatment options for tinnitus and their healing promises, tinnitus patients often ask themselves whether it is even possible to completely cure tinnitus.

In order to enable the patient to have realistic expectations, it is first necessary to deal with the term ‘healing’. This implies that there is full restoration of the state of health that existed before the illness.

Although there are repeated reports that a new treatment could cure a person with tinnitus, it should be noted that, according to the current state of science, no universal method is known that reliably cures all tinnitus in all patients.

On the part of the patient, expectations of therapy range from a complete decrease in the noise in the ear to a state in which the noise can be heard, but no longer causes any stress. The length of time the tinnitus has existed is just as important to the likelihood of a complete cure as its cause. In the following you can find detailed information about the chances of a tinnitus cure.

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Limitation of the Term “Tinnitus Cure”

The ambiguous information situation is also due, among other things, to the fact that different meanings resonate with regard to the term healing. In addition to a complete decrease in the noise in the ear, it can also be understood as an alleviation or reduction of tinnitus. The state in which there is no further exposure to a noise in the ear can also be understood as a step towards healing, as can the learnable “overhearing” of the noise by directing attention away from the perception of the tinnitus. However, there is only a few cases of a complete decrease in tinnitus.

Likelihood of Curing Tinnitus

The likelihood of a possible cure for tinnitus depends on several factors. In general, a ring in the ear that has not lasted very long (i.e. acute tinnitus) is associated with a better prognosis than a ring in the ear that has lasted longer (chronic tinnitus). Acute and Chronic Tinnitus In many cases, with rapid treatment, the sound of an acute tinnitus can be completely treated, for example with medication.

In addition, so-called spontaneous healing occurs in some cases, which means that the noise in the ear subsides after a very short period without any action being taken. With chronic tinnitus, spontaneous healing is unlikely, which is why more extensive treatment methods should be used.

An accurate diagnosis of tinnitus plays an important role in curing it. A tinnitus that originates from a sound source within the body (objective tinnitus), which occurs e.g. with flow noises from blood vessels, is to be treated, for example, completely differently from an ear noise in which there is no physical sound source in the body (subjective tinnitus).

It is now accepted in the scientific community that although subjective tinnitus is often associated with hearing impairment, the causes for the generation and maintenance of tinnitus are related to abnormal activity of nerve cells in the brain.

According to the different types, causes and symptoms of tinnitus, the respective healing probabilities also differ greatly, so that no general statement can be made here. You can also find detailed information on the topics mentioned here on this website.

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